Thursday, 28 February 2013

Football: Week 8 Peer Coaching

Hello All,

Peer Coaching segment:
  • Reminder to complete your lesson plan prior to Peer Coaching your group.
  • Brief your group prior to recording the video: briefing includes i) the skill / concept, ii) the key points <at leat 2 to 3>, iii) why do we want to learn this skill / concept, iv) reflections no later than the 3rd day after your coaching segment. 
  • Videographer must consider:
  • Avoid facing the sun. 
  • If audio is unclear, provide voice-over.
  • Elevated video (during drills) or close-up (focus on key points - e.g. kicking using inside of foot, Goalkeeper catching a shot using a with fingers shaped into a 'W'.)
  • Check video to inform coach if the section needs to be recorded again.
  • The video should be about 5 minutes long - <Intro to skill / concept / key points / explaination of drill + actual drill sequence>
Upload your videos with the <Title of Skill / Concept>, <Peer Coach Name>, <Videographer>

Mr. Hiap

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